The Top Six Tips For Preparing Your Sellers For Showings And Open Houses

Ultimate Homes / Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

The house is listed and your sellers are ready and excited to sell their home. Great! Now it’s time to keep things running smoothly by first educating your sellers on the many do’s and don’ts of preparing themselves and their Austin real estate for showings and open houses.

As the selling agent, it is up to you to guide your homeowners through the process of preparing their Austin home, and themselves, for showings and open houses. Do not assume your homeowners are educated about this process, and do not assume they are aware of the many unwritten rules that come along with showing their Austin real estate.

Tip #1 – Be ready to show your home at a moment’s notice
Encourage your homeowners to keep things clean and tidy at all times in case of a last minute showing. Remind your homeowners that however inconvenient and difficult it may be to maintain their home while it is on the market, it would be much more difficult to lose a sale because their house either wasn’t ready to show or wasn’t in the proper condition to show.

Tip #2 – Be flexible about showings and open houses
Bottom line homeowners who require a day’s notice before showings can easily lose a buyer’s interest. Encourage your homeowners to remain flexible and accommodating to buyers’ requests, as it could mean the difference between a sold house and one that is still on the market in six months.

Tip #3 – Stay away during showings and open houses
Many homeowners believe that remaining at their home during a showing or an open house will help with the sale of their home, as they would be present to answer questions or point out the home’s features and amenities. NOT true!

Let your homeowners know that it is your job as their agent to point out the home’s features and amenities, as well as to answer any questions the potential buyers may have.
Buyers often feel uncomfortable about fully exploring a home (not many buyers would open closet doors with the homeowner present!) in the presence of a homeowner. And an uncomfortable buyer will likely leave the house prematurely, resulting in a lost sale.

Tip #4 – Stay away longer!
Remind your homeowners to remain away from the home long after they think the showing or open house ended. An interested buyer may remain longer and, once again, a present homeowner could kill the sale (see tip #3).

If necessary, tell your homeowners to cruise the neighborhood and to return until all vehicles have left. And not a moment before!

Tip #5 – Get your pets under control
Not everyone is a pet lover and not everyone wants to be greeted at the door by your seller’s prized pooch who insists on licking, jumping and barking every time a visitor comes along.

Let your homeowners know that, at the very least, they need to contain the family pets during showings and open houses. An even better scenario is to take the pets with them during this time.

Keep in mind that enclosing them in a room that needs to be shown can also pose problems for potential homebuyers.

Tip #6 – Bring on the staging
This is one area that you can help your sellers tackle. Educate them on the advantages of staging their home and offer up suggestions and ideas.

Let them know that decorating with fresh flowers, cleaning out the closets, clearing away the clutter and opening the windows often has a huge effect on how well the house shows.

You may want to talk about rearranging furniture or staging a particular space using strategic furniture placement, as well. Concentrate on how well the potential buyers can move throughout the home and how well the rooms are defined.

Use open houses and showings to showcase your client’s Austin real estate and get it sold!

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